List of disease outbreaks detected in Nepal earthquake


Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD) started post-earthquake hospital based syndromic surveillance system. The system covered 38 hospitals and primary health care centres in 14 earthquake affected districts. The objective of hospital based syndromic surveillance was to rapidly identify any increase in a number of outbreak prone syndromes. The surveillance included 8 syndromes: Influenza like illness (ILI), severe acute respiratory infection (SARI), acute watery diarrhoea, acute bloody diarrhoea, suspected cholera, fever with rash, fever with jaundice and fever without rash and jaundice.

Early Warning Alert and Response System (EWARS) was strengthened that mainly focused on the weekly reporting of number of cases and deaths (including “zero” reports) of six priority diseases/syndromes—Malaria, Kala-azar, Dengue, Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE), Cholera and Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI), and other epidemic potential diseases/syndromes (like enteric fever, fever of unknown origin) in earthquake affected districts. Control room was established at EDCD to receive reports and monitor diseases/conditions and reported the outbreak of the following diseases/symdromes

Reported Outbreaks Number of cases District Date
Shigellosis 33 Sindhupalchowk May, 2015
AGE 56 Nuwakot May, 2015
Acute Conjunctivitis NA Dhading May, 2015
AGE 150 Ramechhap June, 2015
Hepatitis A 147 Warpak, Gorkha July, 2015
Chickenpox NA Gorkha, Kavre July, 2015
Cholera 76 Kathmandu valley July-Sept, 2015
Influenza 178 Ramechhap August, 2015
Influenza (350) 350 Nuwakot August, 2015
Influenza A H1N1 4228 Dolakha Sept-Oct, 2015
Scrub Typhus  NA All over Nepal Sept-Dec, 2015
Tetanus  11 11 EQ districts 2015
Shigellosis 70 Nuwakot Sept, 2015
Conversion Disorder NA Sindhupalchowk Sept, 2015
Brucellosis 54 Kavre 2015
Chickenpox NA Dolakha Jan, 2016
Influenza A H3N2 NA Dolakha Feb, 2016
Influenza  B NA Dolakha Feb, 2016
Influenza A H3N2 NA Dhading Feb, 2016
Chickenpox NA Kathmandu Feb, 2016
AGE NA Warpak, Gorkha April, 2016
Dog bite NA All over Nepal Increased since EQ
Snake bite NA All over Nepal Increased since EQ

Source: EDCD

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